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The songs just below are from my "Man of Steel" collection, original songs and instrumentals featuring my lap steel guitar masquerading as everything from a dobro to a chain saw, and my voice, masquerading as a human voice. 
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After Five Dive Country. It's after five; you need a dive. 'Dis de place. (instrumental) 1:33, 1.4MB
Dump Struck A hard rock treatise on the throw-away society. The music you keep. 3:16, 3.1MB
Allessandro's Retreat Mellowness. Tejas bandit Allessandro has a great hideout. (instrumental) 3:25, 3.1MB
The Best in Storyville Slow, sleazoid blues. New Orleans circa "Pretty Baby" era. 3:49, 3.5MB
Saturation Point Ballad. Have we reached it yet? 5:27, 5MB
Roadside Distraction Two guitars. "Mallow" as in marshmallow. (instrumental) 2:22, 2.1MB.
Burn Me Down Slow Hard blues. My house is on fire. Put it out slow. 3:03, 2.8MB
Blue Sue Hard blues. What can Blue Sue do to get you to buy her a brew? 3:18, 3MB
Rent a Hick Dueling dobros. A nice set of Redneck licks, only driven on Sundays. (instrumental) 1:25, 1.3MB


YouTube videos: 

"St. James Infirmary Jam"

"Love in Vain"


For four pretty scratchy videos featuring four Shiners tunes, click PBS "Music Seen"


Here are some tracks I've recorded with bands and on sessions:

David Trout Pomeroy: from 2010 "Hear and Now": Already in Heaven 

Patrick Lajeunesse: from 2009 "Peace Partners" (Indaba): Many Countries, One Sky 

Kevin Sweeney: from 2009 "Peace Partners" (Indaba): Keep Love in Your Heart

Ben Jordan & the Heathens: from 2006 "BJ&H": Turn the Moon Down 

Moossa:  from "Step Right Up," 2005: Gypsy Queen

Ben Jordan & Travis Charbeneau, from 2004 "Clean": No Idea

The Shiners: from "Bonnie Blue," 2002: The Bridge

NOTE: All work, while offered free, is still copyrighted. It's illegal to transfer or reuse these songs or recordings without credits.  Drop the credits, and I reserve rights to recover the value of the material, as well as costs involved determining copyright infringement and enforcing settlement.

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