Pieces of Mind

This material was composed between 1987 and 1992 during the "great Midi explosion," which was a revelation to me. I had been a guitarist since the age of 17 when at 34 I lost the use of my fingers and a lot of other stuff thanks to arthritis. I went without music from '80 until '86 when I acquired a Roland MPU-401,  Sequencer Plus for my PC1 (dual floppies!), a modest group of synths and a little Boss mixer.

The ability (or illusion) of having an entire band, even an orchestra, under direct control was very liberating. You could actually turn down the drummer, not with a baseball bat, but a conveniently-located knob!

I went nuts in terms of genre, attempting Latin, classical, jazz, a lot of space music -- and for the last two "MetalSynth" collections, hard rock, featuring my own FM programming and sequencing techniques that struggled, with occasional success, to simulate electric guitar, complete with feedback. But, unlike my son Paul, who also became infected, I did not develop any special fondness for "techno," even as my rack grew ever-more loaded.

Accordingly, my eventual seven collections, from which the anthology below, "Pieces of Mind," was assembled, feature three and five-minute pop tunes with hopefully-identifiable melodies, etc. But they are all instrumental. I didn't start singing again until 2004, after ten years learning the lap steel and re-entering the world of real-time music, often with human musicians, some not quite real-time. For some lap steel work, go to the "Man of Steel" page.

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Fanny Spanish ballad. A beauty I met on a layover at Titan Station. Titan Station 3:38, 3.4MB
Festival Akumba Latin. Still hopping from that ayahuasca bath. Titan Station 2:32, 2.3MB
Radio Galactica Slow Latin beat from a great space station. Radio Galactica 3:06, 2.9MB
Walking Girl Medium rock. A graceful carriage will get you far. Titan Station 3:06, 3.7MB
Sky Condo Country ballad. Think "Cloud City" from the old Star Wars outing. Titan Station 4:10, 3.9MB
Old Spacefarer's Refrain Melodic rock. Reeks of years in space. Titan Station 3:08, 2.9MB
My Beat is the City Detective rock. Nickelodeon 3:28, 3.2MB
The Weaver Ballad. Strong, feminine hands fly the shuttle's endless warp. Nickelodeon 3:20, 3.1MB
Harlequin Ballad. For some it's only a costume. Delphi Technique 3:14, 3MB
Swingle Zingers Jazz. There was a nifty '60s jazz vocal group with a similar name. Nickelodeon 3:08, 2.9MB
E-Shot My first attempt at hard rock on the sequencer. Spectral Analysis 2:38, 2.4MB
Fanfare for the Common Putz Rock. It was"pootz" on Richmond's NPR outlet. Radio Galactica 3:58, 3.7MB
State Street Rock. Chicago. 1963. Falling asleep at Tony's 909 Cellar. Delphi Technique 2:32, 2.3MB
Thrust and Parry Metal rock. Chainsaw guitars deforest an entire woman. MetalSynth I 2:50, 2.6MB
Lost Expeditions Acoustic guitar sim builds to hard rocker. But does it strum? MetalSynth I 3:58, 3.7MB
Out to Crunch Rock and roll music. Delphi Technique 2:20, 2.1MB
Chiang, Space Pirate Space Rock. If a space pirate could play guitar ... Radio Galactica 4:10, 3.9MB
Titan Station Slow space rock. Lots of black  holes. Titan Station 3:54, 3.6MB
Blue Lotus Slow space rock. Meditate THIS, you blankety-blank. Radio Galactica 4:20, 4MB
Save the Ozone Ballad. People for the Preservation of Red Skies. Titan Station 3:36, 3.3MB
Steeple Chase Rock. Bounding over hill and dale. On an oboe. Radio Galactica 2:30, 2.3MB
Hills of Sea "Classical." If "Ludwig Van" were alive today, this would kill him. Spectral Analysis 1:30, 1.4MB

NOTE: All work copyrighted. It's illegal to transfer or reuse these songs or recordings without permission and credit.  I reserve rights to recover the value of the material, as well as costs involved determining copyright infringement and enforcing settlement.

(C) 2004 Travis Charbeneau (Information About zee Artiste)

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